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Bakes Thảo Điền - Recollect Memories

August 9, 2023 11:51 AM
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Located at 16 Thao Dien, Bakes with lights on!
We whipped up a 1,000 sqm project in just 5 months. It roped in 10 departments (like Ops, R&D, Design, Marketing, Finance, HR, and Procurement) and a bunch of partners who did their thing to make it happen.
Since then, our Ops team has been serving up to 9,000 customers every month. We're cranking out 1,500 fresh products daily at Bakes Thao Dien to keep up with the demand.
Let’s go through a few memorable moments.
It took a village 🏘️  to open Bakes Thao Dien!


We discovered the place in July 2022, but it wasn't until September 2022 that we sealed the deal to rent it. From then on, our Creative crew dived right in, tackling a bunch of tasks like crafting a brand, working on communication, designing packaging, and sorting out the interior. Meanwhile, our Ops team has been busy with research and prepping to get things up and running.
First Brief at the site in September 2022 ( 📍  Now Bakes, Mama Sens at the time)
2.5 months of design and 3 months of overseeing production and construction (including 2 weeks of Tet)
How it looks online
What really happened

Internal Resource & C ommunication flow

This project involved people from 10 different departments (Operations, R&D, Creatives, Marketing, Finance, HR, Procurement, etc.). We needed to keep communication open throughout the project and manage diverse requests from various sources. To handle this, we set up a comprehensive project management system to manage tasks and timelines.
Our communication channels were defined as follows:
Discord: for discussions and quick chats.
Email: for recaps, summaries, and approvals.
Notion: for briefs, progress tracking, process documentation, and information storage.
Meeting: for debating and making decision
Internal meeting to check samples, design, …

External Resource and some practices to handle various partners

A meeting in late 2022. Left to right: Brian (Bakes-Head Pastries Chef); Duy Lam (Lab-Sr. Strategic Partnership); Gia Tu, Tomas Tran, Tram Dang (Lab-Spatial Designers); Khoa Ngo, Duc Anh (Tbd Construction)
Besides our in-house team, we partnered with various external collaborators to enhance our project's production capacity. This included Construction Partners, M&E Consultants, Kitchen & Equipment Consultants, Furniture Suppliers, and Printing & Production Suppliers
For efficiency, we followed these principles:
When evaluating external quotes, considered factors like price, quality, scope, timeline, and warranty. Ensured that the total contract value of equipment covered installation and spare parts fees, avoiding hidden costs.
For tasks involving multiple suppliers (e.g., contractors, equipment, M&E), convened them to collectively address issues, eliminating the need for middlemen.
Collaborated closely with contractors during equipment installation to prevent significant errors. Mistakes in this stage are often irreversible. For instance, while the contractor worked on electrical systems, we coordinated with the equipment supplier for parallel wiring.
Maintained open and collaborative communication with suppliers, as they might offer assistance beyond the agreed scope.
Production oversight
Nghi, our Graphic Designer displayed her designs
Table seating height test
Flag testing (mini version)

Government & Legal Matters

In a project of this scale, paperwork can pile up. If you're planning a mixed-concept establishment like a Bakery, Central Kitchen, and Restaurant, you should be aware of the various registrations required before starting:
Food Hygiene Certificate
Fire Safety Certificate
Construction Certificate
Environmental Certificate
Business License
Alcohol Certificate
We highly recommend consulting with an experienced expert before starting to save time and money.
Our Secret Labo (aka Central Kitchen), before the Launch.
If you want to know in-depth information regarding Bakes Thao Dien Design, Build, and Operation, let’s have a coffee with the team!
Duy - The Strategic Partnership Lead of Bakes Thao Dien duy@thelabsaigon.com
Phương Anh - Strategic Partnership Director phuonganh@thelabsaigon.com